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X1 Z4 N20 ECU Engine Control Unit SET w/ CAS & Fob ~Plug & Play~ 7629048

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Quick FYI: If you’d like to learn a bit more about what these modules & their functions are, then we explain some of the very basics in here as well, on this actual ad. Just scroll a bit further down after, and continue reading if you’d like!

This is an Original / OEM / Genuine BMW ENGINE CONTROL UNIT replacement that we’re selling as a FULL SET! You may also have heard the ECU itself being referred to as not only an “ECU”, but as a “DME”, or even sometimes as the “PCU”). This set comes 100% ready to go for you.. to install & start driving off right away!

So please tell us, what could possibly be better than a Plug & Play type of replacement 🙂 ? We urge all our customers to do themselves the biggest favour ever, by choosing this type of complete set as your main repair option.. since they come FULLY READY, with absolutely 0 programming required to be done.


The entire set advertised here was extracted from a gorgeous 2012 BMW X1 (E84) xDrive 28i 2.0 L / N20 engine, with an Automatic Transmission. Yes, it’s going to also be compatible with many other X1s (which we do explain below, as well as what years are compatible with this set as well).. however, this DME type/model was also originally used in BMW Z4 vehicles as well.. therefore it’s also compatible with Z4 Bimmers as well 🙂

(The VIN # of the ‘12 X1 everything was extracted from is: WBAVL1C56CVR76900)

So to clear the air about what you’ll be getting.. you’ll be getting a fully functional ECU itself (aka the Engine Control Unit or may also sometimes be referred to as the DME – DIGITAL MOTOR ELECTRONICS & sometimes even as the PCU – POWERTRAIN CONTROL UNIT)..

You also get the same vehicle’s Genuine/OEM Antitheft Unit as well (aka the Car’s Access System Module or CAS Unit).

& the last piece of the puzzle for this dynamic trio, which is absolutely essential & required in order to complete any plug & play type of DME replacement set, is the FOB that’s programmed to said DME & CAS. So you’ll get the matching OEM fob too + with a little bonus of the ignition switch block with them as well for you !

* (Plz refer to our ad’s photos if needed) *

All we ask is that you please verify compatibility before going ahead with any purchase(s) from us.. & If you have ANY further questions AT ALL, or any concerns, then please don’t hesitate to reach out to us anytime you’d like! Rest assured – our team loves being there for ANY & ALL our customer’s questions, comments & even concerns 🙂 .. We take pride in saying that we tend to typically respond to everyone within a matter of an hour or two. We also offer our support over the phone as well if that’s something you’d prefer! Let us know please & thank you!

– – – – Continue below for more further information IF needed- – – –


– This DME specific to the BMW X1 & Z4 models (but might still work on other BMW models that used the same 2.0L / N20 engines)..

– It was used on X1 & Z4 models from 2009, up until 2016.

– This DME itself was manufactured in Germany!


– The Anti Theft Unit is a Gen 3 (also referred to as the CAS 3 Module – CAR ACCESS SYSTEM, or may also even be referred to as the EWS, which stands for the German words “Electronische Wegfahrsperre”, translated to “Electronic Drive Away Protection”.

– It’s a CAS 3 unit, manufactured by BMW’s infamous “SIEMENS VDO AUTOMOTIVE collaborators & was made in Germany.

Note: A smart thing we like to always remind our customers of, is that any “Plug & Play” – advertised DME replacement, will have to absolutely come in a set with the matching CAS module & the matching fob as well! They will ALWAYS go side by side .. like 90% of the time that’s the case! AND that rare BUT lonely 10%, are cases where the CAS will actually come built-in to the vehicle’s DME itself (which is rare to come across of in these kinds of Bimmer models). The vehicle itself will ALWAYS need these two exact units paired together (aka programmed together or synched/synchronized together), in order for the vehicle to be able to receive AND send the proper information needed to allow the cat to actually fire right up!

So we urge everyone to PLEASE avoid the biggest mistakes some people make at first, by purchasing a DME alone, needed to be actually programmed/synched to your old existing CAS Module & fob for it to function.. as well as the fact that it can not only end up shorting & causing other massive issues when you do things like this to your car.. but almost always ends up being THOUSANDS & THOUSANDS of dollars you’d have to spend out of your pocket, to have a BMW trained specialist do the repair after, by having to program them to your car! Which people will then find out they may require a CAS Module after as well.. So by buying a FULL set like this exact one we have (or the many many other sets we have for sale for all sorts of other models), you not only save yourself lots & lots of money, but you get to avoid spending days, maybe even weeks sometimes, searching for that knowledgeable programmer out there.. (assuming your avoiding spending the hefty charge of at least 3 to 5k, IF NOT MORE, for BMW themselves to do such a kind of repair/replacement).

Another FYI – The metal key itself that sits inside all of these lovely & traditional Bimmer fob(s).. was actually removed by us, and doesn’t come with the actual fob. The reason for that is that it’s absolutely useless to have that included, since you are going to be removing the old one you still have from your old actual fob, & now you’ll use it in this new fob we’ve provided.. so that you’ll gain full control over unlocking everything manually again – even after getting a new DME set 🙂 So your old key that you own, sitting inside your current fob, will continue to be the only key that can be used to “manually” unlock everything.

Additional information

Mounting Style


Protection Lock


Input Connection


Programming Required


Maximum Amperage




Items Included

Mounting Hardware

Terminal Type

Normal ECU Connectors

Manufacturer Part Number

7 629 048 -01



Output Connection


Vintage Part


Placement on Vehicle





Engine Control Unit (ECU)

OE/OEM Part Number

0 261 S07 294

Manufacturer Warranty

No Warranty

Connector Type



Easy Installation

Terminal Quantity


Country/Region of Manufacture


Universal Fitment


Performance Part



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